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Cleansing Spray 500ML
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Combining utility and ergonomics, the Ivory Cleanse Cleansing Spray renders a comprehensive sanitising experience for wellness and care. This anti-bacterial hand & body solution is our commitment towards responsible personal hygiene.


As a water-based preparation devoid of alcohol, this Ivory Cleanse product delivers unmatched protection, skin care and freshness for daily use, in the household or at the workplace. Its constituents include laboratory-tested compounds, organic ingredients like Neem and Vitamin E-rich sources that provide absolute defence against germs, microbes and viruses.


The right concentration of Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) safeguards the body against viral and bacterial activity.

Neem oil and Vitamin E, both natural substitutes for skin protection, add a touch of purity.

It is an oil & water based antimicrobial solution that is skin sensitive and fragrance-free


An aqueous base and zero alcohol help in promoting hydrated skin for several hours.

Being non-fragrant, it will rule out the common feeling of nausea.

Easy-to-carry and can be used daily, between tasks, without any reactions or irritations.

The cleansing spray can be used on all parts of the body. Gently spray on dry skin and massage until fully absorbed. We recommend following this procedure repeatedly, at regular intervals. This Ivory Cleanse spray is also safe for use on children and extra sensitive skin.

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