Immunity for your household

Disinfectant (Cinnamon & Neem)
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Ivory Cleanse brings forth a herbal mixture that safeguards your surroundings from the most resilient microbes. Naturally obtained ingredients combine with compound chemicals to protect against dirt, dust and more.


Revolutionising domestic hygiene, this disinfectant range from Ivory Cleanse is a precautionary shield for your home/work environment. This Cinnamon & Neem formula is for everyday use and can be sprayed on any surface, be it window grills, bathroom floors or even car interiors. This product delivers a very practical cleansing solution using a unique blend of organically sourced ingredients and tough disinfectant materials.


Cinnamon Oil - Antibacterial properties of Cinnamon fights bacteria and other microorganisms that are otherwise resistant to drugs.

Neem Extract - Neem serves as an antioxidant. Its stearic acid content has exceptional cleansing characteristics and Vitamin E eliminates airborne environmental toxins.

Apple Cider Vinegar - it removes bacteria, minerals and dirt from surfaces. It also offers a non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to conventional cleaning agents such as chlorine.

Isopropyl Alcohol - Also known as rubbing alcohol, this is a primary constituent with rapid and powerful antimicrobial results.

Pre-diluted and ready-to-use to provide round-the-clock hygiene for your surroundings.

Easily sprayed on wood, metallic surfaces and objects made of glass.

Provides a quick 3-stage cleaning process - spray, wipe and clean.

Easy-to-carry and can be used daily, between tasks, without any reactions or irritations.

The Ivory Cleanse Cinnamon & Neem Disinfectant can be used on all surfaces in the house. Gently spray and wipe with a cloth until fully absorbed or dried. To restore hygiene and ensure antimicrobial protection, we recommend following this procedure as required and wherever necessary.

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