The purest way to keep clean

Handrub 5L

The Ivory Cleanse Handrub, alcohol(Iso Propyl Alcohol) based sanitiser, renders a comprehensive sanitising experience for wellness and care. This virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal sanitiser is our commitment towards responsible personal hygiene.


*For Institutional Supplies/ Bulk Order Only


Isopropyl alcohol-70% , Benzalkonium chloride-0.2% ,Nimba 2% ,Propylene glycol-3%

Vitamin E Acetate-0.1% 

T.E.A., Fragrance & Aqua Base qs


Virucidal, Bactericidal, and Fungicidal.

Helps maintain general hygiene and fight COVID-19, during this period of pandemic and post-pandemic.

Easy-to-carry and can be used daily, between tasks.

Cleanse hands for 20 sec., for general hygiene maintenance. Take 0.5ml to 1ml of handrub sanitiser on your palms, rub briskly over the palm, back of hands, fingernails and grooves until dry. We recommend following this procedure repeatedly, at regular intervals. This product is inflammable- we recommend keeping this product away from fire and use on children to be under adult supervision. Do not use this product in sensitive areas and raw skin. In case of skin irritation or if swallowed accidentally, please consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, and if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

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